Flawless Glow Collection

As promised lovlies, my kudos has arrived and here’s my review! Be flawless this summer from head to toe!

So what’s in this months kudos:

🌟 Lip Bonbon

🌟 Uplift serum

🌟 Beachfront Self Tanning Spray

🌟 Beachfront Body Bronzer

🌟 Gorgeous Younique Tote

Just look at the size of the tote!!! Finally a bag I can fit everything into 😍😍

 Our lip BonBons are super smooth, soft and keep your lips hydrated for hours! They truly are a cheeky treat without any calories! 😝 Plus every girl needs a tinted lip balm in her life 💁🏼

  One of my fave products, our Uplift serum. Love how this one product can be used for sooo many different uses!! Not only does it sort and prevent those pesky fine lines but it can also be used to help reduce the appearance of scars, be used on your hair to prevent friziness and even used to smooth and moisturize dry cracked lips 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Our Beachfront Tanning Spray is crazy easy to apply and doesn’t have that odd fake tan smell. As for our Beachfront Body Bronzer … WOW! Totally amazing! I even use it in place of my foundation for that perfect summer glow ☀️☀️

I am in summer heaven with this kudos!! Plus the tote comes FREE! 😱 Is definitely my summer go to bag 👍🏻

Thanks for stopping bye lovelies 

Lush Lash Diva x

Flawless Glow Collection can be ordered from lushlashdiva.com 


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