New Makeup Brushes – Mikasa 

Who doesn’t love new makeup brushes!! I’ve got the Mikasa 4 Piece Essential Face Set, which contains: 

🌟 E220 Concealer Brush 

🌟 F200 Duo Fibre Finishing Brush 

🌟 F111 Blush Brush

🌟 F100 Powder Brush 

When using the F200 I applied my foundation by stippling this on and it gave me a more airbrushed finish. I love the result however I would say it can take a bit of time so if you have to be out the door sharpish this isn’t the method for you 
The F220 I used for concealing under the eye and it was very precise however the bristles are not overly flexible 
Both the F111 and F100 are super soft!! I used the F111 to do some simple contouring which blended really well and the F100 to set my makeup using a setting powder 

All in all a very good set of brushes! Looking forward to trying out the Lemon Drop 🍋 
Have a great day 

Lush Lash Diva x 


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