Dewy Foundation Makeup 

Hey lovelies 

Today I went for a nice summary dewy bronzed glow. This is one of my favourite go to looks as it doesn’t take long to do and plus it gives you a nice healthy glow all year round 🙌🏻🙌🏻

After applying my moisturiser and primer I applied my cream highlighter on my face BEFORE my foundation. Don’t worry you don’t end up all glittery 😊 I then applied my foundation over the top with my foundation brush. (At this point I’d normally apply my concealer but today I left it out). 
I then applied some bronzer on my forehead and below my cheekbones and as I tend to get oily skin I used setting powder on my problem ares, but being careful not to take away from the “dewy” effect 👌🏻

I finished the look with really simple eyes and a nude lip gloss 

Thanks for reading lovelies 
Lush Lash Diva x


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